The Music of Corvus Angelicus

They have just performed at Glastonbury festival 2022! Corvus Angelicus, the circus theatre group of 10 foot tall Angels and Crows with an accompanying soundtrack by Jon Maybey.

“Corvus” is the latest soundtrack written just before the festival. Featuring Karen Turner on vocals, it has some light and rather dark moments to showcase the winged creations on stilts!

Corvus, photo by Phil Girdlestone

You can hear music on Bandcamp. There are options to download the track and support the artist!

Festival Time

It’s wonderful to see a few ‘live’ events taking place for the first time in over a year! I am performing at Bridgwater Quayside festival which is an all-outdoor event. The organisers (Fuse Outdoor Arts) have taken a lot of trouble to keep and make everyone feel safe.

I have had gigs booked, cancelled, rebooked and cancelled again. It seems like there’s a long way to go before ‘live’ music can make a serious comeback but this is the beginning…who knows what the future holds?

Jon Maybey, Stilt guy and the Admiral Blake! Photo by Sally Mann from Fuse Outdoor Arts

The arrival of Angels

I was thrilled to compose some music for Corvus Angelicus, a circus performance company who make stunning winged creations that can walk on stilts or take flight in their aerial performances.

You can listen to the soundtrack below entitled “Angelicus” or find it on my music page. Its almost 9 minutes long so I suggest sitting, relaxing and letting the angelic voices of Karen Turner transport you to the heavens!

At the time of writing these words, the UK and much of the world is locked down due to the pandemic, so it’s wonderful that these performances have been devised to take place in residential areas in Bristol to uplift spirits and bring some much needed joy.

Corvus Angelicus performing in Bristol 29.1.21

The return of ‘live’ music

It’s been a long time without any live music but finally, my local town council in Wellington, is hosting several outdoor street performances leading up to Xmas. They have asked me to play alongside a few other musicians, stilt walkers and other street entertainers.

Jon Maybey in Wellington
Jon Maybey in Wellington, Somerset

I’ll be playing a mix of instrumental folk, reggae and blues and maybe a couple of Xmas tunes too!  There’s no electricity so I’ve borrowed a battery amp to plug in the guitar, mandolin and looper. It may not be the world’s greatest show but it feels very special and I hope my small musical offerings will bring some good cheer to the town at a time when it is really needed.

If you happen to be local, I’ll be playing next to the Xmas tree outside Warren’s bakery on 5th, 19th and 23rd December at 10am till 1pm. For the full program, see Wellington town council’s facebook page and click on the events tab.

Show Time

I’m excited to have been asked to write music for a new Corvus Angelicus production. This time, the focus is on the angels (Angelicus.) The crow (Corvus) was the focus on the last piece I wrote which was performed at Glastonbury festival 2016.

Corvus Angelicus is the creation of Lyn Routledge, an aerialist and stilt-walker who is at the cutting edge of circus-theatre performance.

“Corvus Angelicus show-reel”

The video above is a show reel of the Corvus piece and I look forward to bringing you news of the new production as it happens.

Fun fact! The costume’s wings have approximately 2000 feathers which were hand-made using drinking straws and black gaffer tape. This ensured that no birds were harmed in the process!!